Dreamer Essentials • May 2016
Beauty, Conscious Commerce, Fashion

Dreamer Essentials • May 2016

Despite the chill in the air here in NYC, I am still high-vibing off of the Spring energy and continuing to evaluate my wardrobe, beauty routine + home to make sure it is serving me to its fullest potential. This past weekend I rearranged my apartment and did a mini-closet clean out, taking inventory of what I have and where I need to fill in the gaps for the fast approaching summer season. The energy was cleared in a major way, and I immediately began feeling more inspired and at peace.

Every month I will be sharing my go-to essentials that leave me feeling creative, excited, comfortable and in-tune with my body and space. Lighter layers, nourishing snacks for picnics in the park, peaceful meditations + revitalizing scents are just a few of the items that are lighting me up for the month of May. Continue Reading

21 Day Transformation
Eat + Drink, Holistic Health

21 Day Transformation + Healing Herb & Grain Salad

Expansive, mind-blowing change can happen when we are in an environment where we feel supported, heard and inspired. This was exactly my experience when I underwent the last 21 Day Transformation with Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Dahl and Health Coach, Alexa Gray.

Through their work, I was able to open up, shift my relationship with food, meet new incredible souls and received the most amazing goodie bag in the mail full of beautiful holistic products that assisted me in using the tools I acquired even after the cleanse was over.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, I believe this is even more true when those days are filled with a tribe who is on the same path, experts who are there to answer any questions you have and endless inspiration to quickly alleviate anxiety and fears through the process. Continue Reading

Conscious Commerce

Conscious Commerce: Elizabeth Suzann

Conscious commerce is a state of mind. It is shopping with purpose, for items that bring joy to your life and help you express your inner light. It is in support of small businesses, of creators, men and women who are dedicated to their craft. To use your dollar with passion, thought, awareness and intention. It is bringing an end to mindless purchasing and creating a wardrobe + home that supports the life you dream of.

This week’s Conscious Commerce feature is one of my absolute favorite brands, Elizabeth Suzann. Inspired by a dislike for excess and a desire for quality, Elizabeth and her team cut and sew all pieces in the Nashville-based studio using high-quality, natural fiber cloth that continues to get better with wear. Her passion for craftsmanship, functionality, detail and mindful consumption is felt in every collection. Each garment stunning in its simplicity and versatility. Continue Reading

Flynn & King Revive Oil-Based Cleanser

Flynn & King Revive Oil-Based Cleanser

I was first introduced to Flynn & King at Indie Beauty Expo in NYC. I was initially drawn in by their gorgeous packaging but became an instant fan after sampling the products and meeting the creators, Corina and Summer.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY all products are all-natural, organic, multifunctional and completely gender-neutral. I have been using the Revive Oil-Based Cleanser with Argan and Rosehip Seed Oil for months now, and I am a true-believer (and completely obsessed)! It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated immediately after using it. I love it so much that I am about to place an order for another one this week before I run out. Continue Reading

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes
Eat + Drink

Chocolate Mint (Almost Raw!) Vegan/GF Cupcakes

I am eternally thankful for all of the resources I have at my fingertips living in NYC, but nothing can replace the community of women I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by.

Paige, Vice Blendy of my favorite LuliTonix and straight up magician goddess in the kitchen is definitely one of those people. She is bursting with positive energy and puts so much love into everything she does. Paige is a constant inspiration and I am thrilled she is joining us today to feature her delicious (and healthy!) gluten-free, vegan chocolate mint cupcakes. Continue Reading

Birthday Day Earth Day

The B(Earth) of Something New

A part of me wants to say this post is long overdue, but the words and inspiration always come exactly when they are supposed to. Today, on my birthday (and Earth Day!) I feel called to get a bit more personal on my blog and open up my heart. I’ve got a BIG announcement that has been years in the making and I can’t wait to finally share it with all of you!

First, I want you to know what I’ve been up to. I recently took an unexpected hiatus from the online world and stepped back into my reality. I took a good look at myself, what I wanted and where I was going. I saw the ways in which I was living in my comforts and coming from a place of fear. These months have turned out to be some of the most transformative of my life and left me with a renewed energy and new perspective of what is important to me. I am thrilled to be sharing more of my journey on Jewels of a Dreamer and feel so lucky to have this platform as an outlet for growth and creativity. Continue Reading