Earth/Birthday Diary

Last week I celebrated my birthday in a mindset that felt different from any other year. For the first time I wasn’t looking outside of myself for happiness or what others could do for me to make this day special. In turn I released expectations and had one of my best birthdays yet. For what felt like the first time in a really long time I took a look at where I am with crystal clear vision. Celebrating a milestone that for me was so in-tune with the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin, gratitude for where I am (including all of life’s lessons that have brought me here) and proud of what I have accomplished. Continue Reading


Happiness is a Choice

Over the past few weeks I have been practicing feeling happy for absolute no reason. As Taylor so eloquently explained to me in one of our sessions: happiness is in the palm of your hand, it just needs your participation. That sentence had a profound impact on me and was a total lightbulb moment. I have continued to think about this concept non-stop. As I dedicate myself more and more to my kundalini practice (with even one minute creating undeniable shifts), I have been feeling this surge of happiness. Bringing that energy into each encounter and situation has been a lesson in the power of mindset. Happiness really is a choice we make.

Life + Blogging Update

Life + Blogging Update

Happy Saturday Dreamers! Things were way too quiet for me on the blog this week with most of the action happening behind the scenes so I thought it would be fun to do a catch-up post and share updates on my life + blogging. Continue Reading


Interview with Valérie of Odacité Skincare

It was five weeks ago that CAP Beauty (my absolute favorite natural beauty store located in the West Village) hosted a special afternoon with Valérie Grandury, founder and creator of Odacité Skincare. I had read many wonderful things about the brand online and it was on the top of my list of products to try next so I knew that I had to go to learn more. Immediately upon meeting Valérie her warm presence and easy going personality made me feel as if I was learning from a friend I had known for years. We went through my goals for skincare products, which was to find something I could use daily that would hydrate my skin for the transition of Winter into Spring while protecting it from sun exposure and life running around the city.  Continue Reading

On Guard
Holistic Health

Featured Essential Oil: dōTERRA On Guard

I have completely immersed myself into the world of essential oils and it has been such a magical experience. Learning about the many benefits of these oils and seeing/feeling them in action has confirmed what I knew all along, plants heal. The more ways we can use their power, the better our lives, health and wellbeing become. Continue Reading