Halloween 2014: Urban Cat

Tomorrow is Halloween and I couldn’t be more excited to share that for my costume this year I teamed up with one of my favorite companies, ASOS. I wanted to keep my look under $50 and get pieces that I could incorporate into my wardrobe once the holiday was over. For Halloween 2014 I am going as an Urban Cat. I found these adorable leopard and sequin cat ears, lace dress and cat socks on the ASOS Halloween site. These white shoes were also from ASOS and completed the outfit perfectly. The weather hasn’t been as cold the last few days so I am getting away with a shorter dress but will bring my leather jacket when I inevitably get cold. I kept my make-up simple with a bold brow and bright lip.

Check out the ASOS Halloween store here and stock up for next year (or overnight it if you need something by tomorrow). Once you are ready for Halloween look around at all the other clothing/shoes/accessories they have to offer. I never go on the site without finding a ton of stuff to add to my wishlist and they have amazing quality at a variety of prices.

Are you ready for Halloween? What is your costume this year?

Halloween 2014: Urban Cat #jewelsofadreamer

Halloween 2014: Urban Cat #jewelsofadreamer

Halloween 2014: Urban Cat #jewelsofadreamer

Halloween 2014: Urban Cat #jewelsofadreamer

Halloween 2014: Urban Cat #jewelsofadreamer

Mid-Week Inspiration

Beautiful crystals with healing energy.

Warm shaggy coats I want to wrap myself up in.

Shimmering eyes and berry lips (Refinery29).

Making an effort to always stay positive even through the most challenging situations.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been a wonderful addition to my holistic medicine cabinet. It is a true multitasking product that when consumed raw and organic has numerous benefits from maintaining proper pH levels in the body to clearing skin. I love Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as seen above.

I have been including ACV as part of my morning routine for a while now with my lemon water. I mix in one tablespoon ACV, half of a lemon and about 1/2 a cup of water so it goes down easier (I don’t recommend drinking it straight as it is very potent and can harm tooth enamel as well as burn going down). This drink helps to give my metabolism a jump start first thing in the morning as well as detox my body by helping to remove toxins.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium which helps to prevent brittle teeth and hair loss as well soothe the pain of leg cramps (ever heard of trying to eat a banana when you get leg cramps, ACV works great too). Apple cider vinegar can relieve stomach pains by balancing acid in the stomach and when taken consistently can help ward off sickness due to the concentrated mix of vitamins and minerals. When used in the morning to gargle it can help to freshen breath and whiten teeth. It can also improve energy levels and get rid of bloat when consumed daily. These are just a few of the many benefits that apple cider vinegar can provide. Other uses include helping to relieve sunburn, getting rid of warts, a hair rinse and all-purpose cleaner.

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar? If yes, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Jewels of the Week

Top Row:

1. J. Crew shares step-by-step instructions to achieve the S/S 2015 beauty look

2. The Madewell and Sézane collection is perfection.

3. Eight helpful steps to conquer your closet from Elle.

4. Inspiralized.com is full of healthy and delicious looking recipes. I lost my spiralizer in the move but another one is on its way and I can’t wait to use it again.

Bottom Row:

1. This quote could not be more true.

2. Healthy Kale Caesar Salad from The New Potato.

3. Last minute hair ideas when there is no time to shower from Bydrie.

4. 7 things you’re probably forgetting to clean from Apartment Therapy.

Jewelry Spotlight: Lionette

This week I am sharing one of my favorite jewelry companies, Lionette. Noa Sadé, the designer is originally from Israel and never studied fashion or jewelry design. She started the company in 2009 with her best friend, Vanessa Lee.

The jewelry evokes the feelings that the name represents, a fierce woman who is empowered and unafraid, a lioness. The unique pieces are the perfect mix of metal and semi precious stones, all handmade in NYC.

What I love most about Lionette is the confidence the jewelry brings to the wearer. She is not afraid to stand out and can be whoever she wants to be. From there a lasting love affair with her jewelry is formed.

Below are my current top picks. Check out LionetteNY.com to see all the gorgeous pieces they have to offer.

Jewelry Spotlight: Lionette #jewelsofadreamer

1. Oren Earrings
2. Arie Bracelet
3. Chappaqua Necklace
4. Song Sisters Bracelet
5. Talia Necklace
6. Nadine Ring
7. Mosi Necklace
8. Bea Earrings

Style Icon: Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton has been one of my style icons for many years. She is an American model and actress who got her start in the 70’s and has appeared on the cover of Vogue a record 28 times. Her style staples include blazers, silk scarves, white button downs, canvas sneakers and signature panama hat. She mastered the art of mixing high and low a long time ago and has perfected effortless cool.

It is not only her clothes that inspire me but the way she carries herself. She is a natural beauty that embraces who she is and glows from the inside out. Her look is always uniquely her and not about trends or what is in style. Everything she wears is versatile and what makes her comfortable, this gives her the confidence to shine.

Lauren Hutton has taught me that the most beautiful thing you can do is be yourself. Embrace your flaws, wear what empowers you and shine your light to the world.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

I have mentioned the importance of routine in my life throughout this blog. Small acts add up and really make a difference in how I feel on a daily basis. My mental and physical health are top priorities which is why no matter how busy I am I never sacrifice moments like my morning meditation and journaling, cooking healthy meals or taking my supplements (to name a few).

I have also mentioned how much I value my beauty routine. Whether it is taking the time to do my hair or use organic products. Today I am discussing another aspect of this routine, dry brushing. In my opinion, this is one of the most inexpensive and effective detoxing tools.

Despite my best efforts there is a ton of toxins in the environment that are difficult to avoid. Dry brushing stimulates the immune system, helps digestion, improves circulation, removes dirt and dead skin cells, helps to unclog pores, aids in the elimination of toxins and tightens the skin by increasing the flow of blood.

To dry brush start at your feet and work your way up by moving the brush in circular and long upward strokes toward your heart, the direction your lymphatic system goes in. The lymph is responsible for regulating the immune system and the removal of wastes from every cell in the body. Of course, it is ok if every motion is not perfect. What matters is the effort, just do your best. I try to do this before every shower but sometimes I don’t have time so I strive for as many days as I can (twice a day is recommended for optimal benefits). Don’t forget to clean your brush with soap and water once a week.

Use an organic body oil post shower (moisturizing is extremely important) and your skin will feel soft and clean. Don’t forget to look for brushes with natural bristles and remember that your skin should feel glowing after brushing, not red and inflamed. Some like the mittens but I like a long handle because it allows me to reach my back. Taking the extra 5-10 minutes before showering to dry brush has been very beneficial for my skin and I hope see a difference too. As with everything it is not an overnight fix so try it for a month and see how you feel.

Jewels of the Week

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5. I will never ruin another hat in my suitcase after this tutorial

6. Non-dairy ways to make soup creamy

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review

My second natural beauty review is a company that I have completely fallen in love with, Laurel Whole Plant Organics. They were the perfect fit for my first experience with an all-natural skincare company.

Laurel products are flower and herb based. Each and every product is made with integrity using the highest standard for organic, biodynamic and plants ingredients. There is an an obvious respect for plants and the positive energy of the company shines through from the moment you receive the product. They are handmade with 100% whole plant organic formulas that are raw and unrefined. There is no water, alcohol, fillers, toxins or synthetics of any kind, only beneficial active plants. This is a company that is setting an example and creating the experience that customers deserve. They are the future of beauty.

When I decided to start on this natural beauty adventure I had no idea how I would feel removing the companies I had relied on for so many years. Using Laurel makes me see that I have been missing out on not only giving the highest quality ingredients to my skin but also the experience and joy that comes from supporting a company that is changing the way we look at skincare, one plant at a time.

Laurel and her team completely embody everything the company stands for and the love put into the packaging and every detail is truly remarkable. These are products that are investment in yourself and you will feel proud to use as well as greatly benefit from. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review #jewelsofadreamer

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review #jewelsofadreamer

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review #jewelsofadreamer

The eye balm is a blend of 24 beneficial active ingredients that works with all skin types. It is a combination high in vitamins and minerals that goes on smooth and feels gentle while addressing fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. A few of the ingredients are Bilberry, Fennel, Licorice, and Nettle which reduce puffiness, inflammation, fluid retention, and dark circles. The essential oils in the product such as Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Helichrysum assist in soothing and brightening the eyes.

My thoughts: From the moment I spun open the top I was in awe of how delicious smelling this eye balm is. It has a silky smooth texture that appears like it might be thick at first glance but accomplishes the difficult task of being rich and light at the same time. For those who have extremely dry eyes you might be able to get away with wearing this balm during the day but I found it better suited for night use (as per their recommendation). A little goes a long way.

I often have dryness underneath my eyes which can make any application of makeup difficult. Within the first night of using this eye balm there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin and the circles under my eyes. This is the best eye balm I have ever used and I will continue to use it every night.

Eye Balm Pricing: 10ml $60

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review #jewelsofadreamer

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Review #jewelsofadreamer

The body oil is a silky blend of 13 beneficial active ingredients that works with all skin types. It is quickly absorbed with anti-aging benefits. Laurel’s Body Oil contains Avocado, Rosehip Seed, and Tamanu for their rich texture, rich vitamin and mineral content, and healing properties. Red Raspberry Seed Oil provides sun protection. The product also contains organic essential oils such as Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Scotch Pine, and Cedarwood that bring the scent of California wherever you are.

My thoughts: This body oil is exactly the product I have been looking for. Previously I would use coconut oil post shower to moisturize and it would leave me feeling greasy and paranoid I would ruin clothing. With fall upon us and a chill in the air it was the perfect time to try out this oil and bring some California love into my life.

Within my first use I felt the benefits. It is nourishing without being oily and left my skin feeling hydrated. It has a calming and grounding scent that is not overpowering and attributes to the experience of using this oil. I have been putting it on post-shower and the benefits last all day. I can’t recommend this moisturizing and grounding body oil enough. I am looking forward to this product taking me through winter.

Body Oil Pricing: 100ml $80

Final thoughts: Using Laurel products is a joy and privilege. Laurel and her team make no sacrifices when it comes to the quality of their products and it shows from the moment you open the package to first application. I was blown away by how quickly I began seeing a difference on my skin. These are products that I will continue to use until there isn’t anymore and then I will purchase more, they are that fantastic. Laurel Whole Plant Organics has completely changed the way I view all-natural skincare. I am now more thankful than ever to be on this journey and learning more about natural beauty products every day. Using Laurel Whole Plant Organics is giving yourself that extra bit of love you deserve.

* PR samples sent for review, all opinions expressed are my own.

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015

For the last installment of the fashion week series we are looking to Paris. It is hard to choose a favorite but this city is bursting with inspiration and always contains a few of my top picks. There were themes that stuck out in mind that are complementary to the inspiration from other cities. In case you missed it here is New York, London and Milan.

Long silhouettes: At shows like Stella McCartney and Chanel I was reminded of the beauty behind a variety of proportions. These longer silhouettes are sexy and understated.

White lace: The bohemian girl in me could not get enough of the white lace. Always a top pick in my wardrobe shows like Givenchy and Nina Ricci inspired me to continue my search for the perfect white lace dress.

Texture and details: With everything from cut-outs to sheer paneling and embellishments, Isabel Marant, Valentino, Céline and Balenciaga have me craving clothes with a little something extra to stand out.

Neutral palette: My closet is mostly neutrals with an emphasis on accessories so I immediately swooned over the dresses at Louis Vuitton and Vanessa Bruno as a blank canvas for anyone to express their style personality.

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015 #jewelsofadreamer

The beauty inspiration in Paris was all about the details and was surprisingly accessible. I will definitely be trying all of the looks in the near future. Even though the blue cat eye is completely uncharacteristic of me it will be fun to experiment.

Valentino: Dreaming up what accessories I can wrap into my hair.

Shiatzy Chen: This blue cat eye is daring but I love how natural the rest of the look is.

Isabel Marant: Always a top pick, the earth tones are complimentary to most skin tones.

Stella McCartney: It has been a while since I crimped my hair but I love the subtle look of the pieces pulled back with the rest of the hair.

Chloé: This is my favorite every day look, accentuating all the best features.

Lanvin: For days when I can’t think about what to do a simple pulled back bun and bold brows does the trick.

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015 #jewelsofadreamer

I continue the ode to my childhood spent cutting up my favorite street style looks from magazines and taping them into notebooks by compiling a few of my favorite outfits shot during Paris Fashion Week. I especially love the bold blues, fringe jacket and jumper layered over a simple white tank.

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015 #jewelsofadreamer

Photo Credits: Style.com and HarpersBazaar.com