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Danielle Beinstein
Dreamer Profiles

Dreamer Profile: Danielle Beinstein

Danielle Beinstein is an astrologer, spiritual counselor, meditation guide and one of the most insightful and eloquent writers I have ever come across. Her perspective on astrology, spirituality, life and current events is one that I turn to often and that I instantly feel connected to.

After following Danielle on social media for quite some time I was elated when I saw on Instagram that the Moon Circle she co-facilitates with Paula Mallis in LA would be coming to Maha Rose in Brooklyn. I signed up immediately and after a beautiful circle filled with insight, tears and connection I introduced myself and signed up for a one-on-one natal chart reading. Continue Reading

Ajai Alchemy

Ajai Alchemy

My morning meditation + self-care routine is a sacred time that allows me to start the day feeling energized and in-tune with myself. I am always looking for ways to enhance this time and tools to support the beginning of my day in a gentle and loving way.

I was recently introduced to Ajai Alchemy and immediately felt drawn to the feminine, balanced and heart-opening energy. For the past few weeks, I have been alternating between the Grace and Radiance Alchemy before I begin my Kundalini meditations and have loved including such a powerful and awakening scent before my practice. Continue Reading

My Health Story

My Health Story: How A Bone Marrow Transplant Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the past five years is the power of Faith. A trust in something bigger than myself, an unwavering belief that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and a power in knowing that things will unfold just as they are meant to, even if it is hard to see. Trusting in this has been my greatest tool in getting through anything that comes my way.

Today I am sharing what is by far my most personal story. A story that took me to the deepest depths of my soul and brought me back to the light in a way that has transformed me forever. Continue Reading

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus Wei
Dreamer Profiles

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of LOTUSWEI

Katie Hess is an alchemist, spiritual seeker and the creator of the transformational flower remedies line, LOTUSWEI. We first met at last year’s Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, and I was instantly drawn in by her vibrant energy and a sparkle about her that I knew I needed to learn more about. Continue Reading

Conscious Commerce: Everlane
Conscious Commerce

Conscious Commerce: Everlane

Conscious commerce is a state of mind. It is shopping with purpose, for items that bring joy to your life and help you express your inner light. It is in support of small businesses, of creators, men and women who are dedicated to their craft. To use your dollar with passion, thought, awareness and intention. It is bringing an end to mindless purchasing and creating a wardrobe + home that supports the life you dream of.

Everlane was the first company to inspire my transition into a more conscious and sustainable wardrobe almost a year ago, and they have remained one of my go-to brands since. I find myself reaching for their comfortable + chic pieces time and time again. From the perfect v-neck tee to lightweight dresses and modern shoes, everything they create is a go-with-everything, wardrobe classic you will have for years to come. Continue Reading