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21 Day Transformation
Eat + Drink, Holistic Health

21 Day Transformation + Healing Herb & Grain Salad

Expansive, mind-blowing change can happen when we are in an environment where we feel supported, heard and inspired. This was exactly my experience when I underwent the last 21 Day Transformation with Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Dahl and Health Coach, Alexa Gray.

Through their work, I was able to open up, shift my relationship with food, meet new incredible souls and received the most amazing goodie bag in the mail full of beautiful holistic products that assisted me in using the tools I acquired even after the cleanse was over.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, I believe this is even more true when those days are filled with a tribe who is on the same path, experts who are there to answer any questions you have and endless inspiration to quickly alleviate anxiety and fears through the process. Continue Reading

Parashakti Healing
Holistic Health

SoulHealing with Parashakti

I heard about the profound work healer Parashakti was doing through my good friend Alexa of Super Food Super Life and felt inspired to set-up a session and experience it first hand. We had scheduled our call for a Friday evening; I knew I had a week full of meetings and events and it would be the perfect way to unwind and re-center myself as I moved into the weekend.

I have been on this journey of deep healing and self-discovery for over four years now. Throughout that time, I have experimented with many different healing modalities, always open to trying something new and tuning into what works. The connection to your healer is everything, and without the bond of trust – it is nearly impossible to relax fully and do the necessary work. Despite being on the phone together, miles and miles between, I felt completely safe and supported with Parashakti from the moment our call began. Continue Reading

Sun Potion
Eat + Drink, Holistic Health

Sun Potion Guide to Tonic Herbs and Superfoods by Jewels of a Dreamer

It has been almost a year since I first met Scott and Nitsa of Sun Potion and was introduced to the magical world of tonic herbs and superfoods. As I have shared more about this incredible company, from a very special interview with Scott and Nitsa that can be read here, to a Sun Potion Instagram Takeover and many experiments + recipes dreamed up in the kitchen, one theme has remained. Everyone wants to learn more. So many of you have written, asking questions and ready to begin your journey. You want to understand what the tonic herbs and superfoods are, where they come and how you can incorporate them into your life.

I am over-the-moon excited to introduce today’s guide. In collaboration with Sun Potion we have put together a comprehensive look at all of the herbs Sun Potion shares, what they are, the benefits and how you can enjoy them in your life. Continue Reading

On Guard
Holistic Health

Featured Essential Oil: dōTERRA On Guard

I have completely immersed myself into the world of essential oils and it has been such a magical experience. Learning about the many benefits of these oils and seeing/feeling them in action has confirmed what I knew all along, plants heal. The more ways we can use their power, the better our lives, health and wellbeing become. Continue Reading

Body Ecology
Holistic Health

Body Ecology Diet

I am currently reading the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates as well as researching online and watching her videos on YouTube. It is both reinforcing my belief in the importance of probiotic nutrition and teaching me a tremendous amount about why these foods are so crucial to a balanced body and strong immune system. Perfect timing as I work to nourish, cleanse and repair my body for the transition into Spring. Feeling very inspired and can’t wait to share more about all that I am learning. Definitely a book worth checking out!

Raw Cacao
Holistic Health

Benefits of Raw Cacao

Nature has provided us with many sources of medicine and raw cacao is one of the most effective (and delicious) of them all. It is an immune-boosting powerhouse full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals.

This superfood is a potent source of magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and fiber. It is by far one of the most antioxidant rich foods, assisting in balancing hormonal mood swings by raising levels of serotonin in the body and creating the feeling of euphoria due to the anandamide (or bliss molecule) in the cacao. It is heart protecting, energy creating, improves skin texture (more powerful than antioxidant rich green tea & blueberries) and contains endorphins for mood-boosting effects. I could go on and on about the benefits but as you can see, this is an extremely powerful food that we have access to. It is also important to note that raw cacao is a wonderful source of magnesium, something many of us are deficient in. Magnesium is responsible for a lot in the body from balancing brain chemistry to building strong bones and is crucial to creating vitality.

Raw cacao is now a daily part of my diet. My favorite ways to enjoy it are 1-2 tbsp in my morning smoothie, sugar-free hot chocolate (I stir into warm coconut milk with a few drops of stevia), making my own chocolate, adding a tbsp to homemade banana ice cream or a handful of raw cacao nibs if I am having a craving or need an energy boost.