Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille Lipstick + Lip Sheer Review

As my hair has gotten lighter I have become increasingly aware of the benefit, ease and statement of a great lip color. Any excuse to research and experiment with a new product, I knew I found something special when I first discovered Rituel de Fille. Their mystical-inspired design, unique approach to creating products and variety of bold colors really stood out and I couldn’t wait to experience them firsthand. Continue Reading

Dreamer Essentials • August 2016
Beauty, Conscious Commerce, Fashion

Dreamer Essentials: August 2016

August represents a shift in energy as we move through the end of summer and transition into fall. I always feel like my awareness is heightened as I reflect on the memories and accomplishments of the last few months and make a mental note of the things I still want to experience. It has been a wonderful summer filled with memories I will cherish, and a lot of behind the scenes work on my coaching and future collaborations. I am also in the process of planning a trip to Tulum in the next 1-2 months to plan our wedding (SO excited!) – please let me know if you have any recommendations! Continue Reading

Obi Probiotic
Eat + Drink

Obi Probiotic

At any time of day, you will find me with a variety of beverages on my desk, in my bag and in-hand. Everything from water to tea, kombucha, herbal infusions, kefir, tonics, elixirs and potions. Always on the lookout for something new to try, you can understand my excitement when I was introduced to the newest (good-for-you) drink that is now on my permanent rotation: Obi Probiotic. Continue Reading


Photo Diary: Spirit Weavers + California

“Spirit Weavers Gathering is a five-day celebration of cultures past, a remembering and practicing of basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul. Fermenting foods, weaving, dying fabrics, creating ceremony, sharing meals at night and dreams in the morning, drinking tea, and making plant medicines – singing songs, together as a community- these were the common knowledge ways and part of the simple pleasures of a life lived in balance and harmony with nature. Let us gather together as Women and share our skills in remembrance of the beauty path and an honoring of our Ancestors.” – via Spirit Weavers Gathering

Last month I traveled to California to attend Spirit Weavers and embarked on a journey that transformed me in ways I am still just beginning to understand. Five days at Camp Navarro, immersed in the Redwoods, disconnected by technology and reconnected with myself and my sisters. Seeing new and familiar faces, learning, teaching, sharing, all while surrounded by the great trees. Over 600 women from all around the world united together for ceremonies, workshops, song, reflection and community. Continue Reading

Conscious Commerce

Conscious Commerce: MEUS Shop

Conscious commerce is a state of mind. It is shopping with purpose, for items that bring joy to your life and help you express your inner light. It is in support of small businesses, of creators, men and women who are dedicated to their craft. To use your dollar with passion, thought, awareness and intention. It is bringing an end to mindless purchasing and creating a wardrobe + home that supports the life you dream of.

Conscious Commerce series is back (!!!) and I am so excited about this weeks feature. MEUS is a home & lifestyle shop featuring a curated selection of quality treasures from independent designers and makers. The creator of the shop, Marichelle Hills is an inspiring mother of three beautiful little girls. She dreamed of running a shop for years and turned that dream into a reality after she started her family. Continue Reading

Dreamer Essentials • May 2016
Beauty, Conscious Commerce, Fashion

Dreamer Essentials • May 2016

Despite the chill in the air here in NYC, I am still high-vibing off of the Spring energy and continuing to evaluate my wardrobe, beauty routine + home to make sure it is serving me to its fullest potential. This past weekend I rearranged my apartment and did a mini-closet clean out, taking inventory of what I have and where I need to fill in the gaps for the fast approaching summer season. The energy was cleared in a major way, and I immediately began feeling more inspired and at peace.

Every month I will be sharing my go-to essentials that leave me feeling creative, excited, comfortable and in-tune with my body and space. Lighter layers, nourishing snacks for picnics in the park, peaceful meditations + revitalizing scents are just a few of the items that are lighting me up for the month of May. Continue Reading