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My First Appointment With Dr. Lipman

I am sitting on a cloud of holistic love + excitement at the potential of feeling better than ever before.

Many months ago I was recommended to visit Dr. Frank Lipman. I had watched many of his videos as well as visited his website countless times. Surely, this doctor of celebrity status (I assumed) would not be available to see me.

How very wrong I was….

I think one of the most amazing aspects of being spiritual is the ability to trust that my future is in good hands. At the time I was introduced to the thought of seeing Dr. Lipman I eagerly wanted to make an appointment that week; something kept stopping me. Weeks went by and this winter was not an easy one for me health-wise so I pushed it out of my mind. Feeling good but ready to feel better, I finally made an appointment to see him last week. Boy o’ boy… I sure am happy I did.

I walked into his office and immediately a wave of peace swept over me.
I am exactly where I need to be.

Not long after I got there did Dr. Lipman come out and call my name. We sat down in his office and I began telling him my history over the past few years. It wasn’t long until the real reason I was there came out.

I explained to him that for almost my entire life I had been bloated and uncomfortable. I fancy myself a pretty healthy eater but this did not matter. A diagnosis of celiac disease in 2006 was helpful but not the end all-be all answer to my problems that I had hoped for. I tried every diet in the book, did countless research, watched every documentary I could get my hands on but nothing worked. Sometimes I would stay bloated for weeks. Often times I would eat the same meals and be bloated one day but not the other. It just did not make sense.

Until Dr. Lipman asked the golden question. What probiotics have I been taking throughout my transplant while I was slamming my body with over 50 medications daily at times. My answer: NONE.

The look on his face was something I will not forget. His jaw dropped and disappointment took over. His advice simple but clear, “We need to heal your gut.”

How had I not thought of this! He explained to us that our entire immune system begins in our gut. With all the medications I had been on without taking care of it, I was most likely not even absorbing all the nutrients I worked so hard to give my body.

I left with a list of holistic remedies which I am getting approved by my doctor as I type this. If anyone is interested I can share this info and fill you in on how my healing goes. For now, the idea of feeling like my most healthy and energetic self is something that makes me giddy inside.