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Natural Beauty Picks for Dahl House Nutrition

As we transition from Fall into Winter it is time to step up our beauty routine and make sure to give our skin that love it deserves. These months are harsh but thankfully there is an abundance of natural beauty brands to the rescue. Here are a few of my top picks to take you through the season and leave you feeling vibrant even on the coldest days.

Also important to note, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body so make sure you are enjoying an abundance of fruits and veggies as well as drinking plenty of water. To help with dryness I also love having 1-2 humidifiers in the house on each side of the bed. I have this one but any kind will do! Continue Reading

Night Time Tonic
Eat + Drink

Night Time Tonic for Dahl House Nutrition

Maintaining morning and evening rituals is one of the greatest ways to stay grounded and supported despite whatever the day may bring. Life gets busy and hectic, it is nearly impossible to jump into a state of total relaxation once the evening approaches. Calming your mind and body is crucial to transition into nighttime with ease. This tonic (along with a great book, mantra playing and candles burning) helps me to release anything not serving me and arrive at a happy, serene place.

The ashwagandha is restorative while reducing anxiety, reishi supports the immune system and relieves stress and mucuna pruriens soothes the entire nervous system. Mixed with the gynostemma or chamomile tea, you will be amazed at the feeling of bliss that washes over you. This tonic is my absolute favorite way to unwind, calm my nervous system and prepare for sweet dreams. Continue Reading