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Jewelry Spotlight: Samantha Wills

This weeks jewelry spotlight is a brand that evokes bohemian luxury in every detail, Samantha Wills. This post is extra special because the gorgeous Samantha took the time to answer questions about her life, brand and style for us.

Samantha completely encompasses her brand inside and out. She is a go-getter in every sense of the word moving from her home on Australia’s East Coast to Sydney at age 21. Without any formal training she would sell handmade jewelry on the weekends while working a retail job during the week. When she got invited to showcase at Australia’s Fashion Week she jumped on the opportunity hoping to break even and made over $17,000 worth of orders in just four days. Her story is an inspiration to everyone who hears it and a lesson that if you put positive energy out, you will get positive energy back.

I was lucky enough to receive a few pieces from her collection which I styled below. Inspired by the bohemian brand I paired the turquoise ring and earrings with a fringe skirt I purchased at a boutique in Florida, a chunky sweater from Vince that falls of the shoulder and Rag & Bone booties for a relaxed weekend outfit. I have been wearing the beautiful mantra necklace that says “live, laugh, love” as a layering piece every day and it goes with everything.

To enter the SW world of jewelry, eyewear, housewares and more go to

Samantha Wills

1. Your jewelry is the perfect mix of bohemian and luxury. Where does the inspiration for new pieces come from?
Every one of my designs is inspired by the SW woman. She is my muse. I think as we move into more FINE within our collections, that dials the luxe in the bohemian-luxe up, and the core of the mainline is more bohemian. Its like a meeting of masculine and feminine, you can see that styling throughout our brand, from apparel styling to my personal interiors.

2. Do you have a process for creating mood boards? Could you tell us a bit about it?
My core, ongoing moodboard is my tumblr account – I use this to archive (as not to shut my computer hard drive down!) & then when I am sitting down to bring a creative brief together, I trawl back through those images. I ceate moodboards with the muse in mind by placing her in a location & time.

3. What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
Cowrie shell necklaces for my friends at school… I actually sold the necklaces to them! What an awful, opportunistic friend I was!

4. How do you define the Samantha Wills girl?
Designed for the SW Woman. She is the muse. She is creative. She is strong. She is adventurous & marches to the beat of her own drum, charting a life of extraordinary moments. Samantha Wills is a lifestyle brand founded on the notion of bohemian luxury. The brand explores a raw femininity, inspired by Samantha’s Wanderlust and globe trotting lifestyle.

5. How would you define your personal style? What are your go-to pieces?
I am definitely bohemian luxe. I live between Sydney & NYC and my personal style reflects this – I think you can see elements of my Sydney style in my NYC outfits & also a bit of NYC when I am back home in Sydney. My staples are black skinny leg jeans, a leather jacket, a cape jacket, a few camisoles, rocker booties, leather sandals and black heels. If I am crossing seasons & contents, and have to pack light – that’s the mix, it will get me thru any occasion, its just how you mix & match them.

6. Traveling between Sydney and New York, does your style change depending where you are?
Only because of the seasons being polar opposite. I am at a stage in life, where I am very clear on my own style & that feels good – so my style is the same in the Australian summer as it is in the North American summer, as in winter – except in a New York winter I dress for polar eclipses! Sydney barely has a winter!

7. What are the “jewels” in your life? (i.e. what are the most important things in your life)?
My friends & my boyfriend, and obviously my family. As I am an only child, my best friends are like siblings to me, and this is incredibly important to me. I also have great appreciation for being near the ocean – I have always loved the ocean, but since moving to NYC & not being near it all the time, I have such a great appreciation for it.

8. What is the future for the Samantha Wills brand?
We hope to expand to many different categories. We have just released eyewear & a small handbag collection – We hope to one day have apparel. I admire greatly what Tory Burch has done with her brand. The way she has structured it & the way it tells a story, a lifestyle. It’s incredible.

Thank you Samantha!!

Samantha Wills

Samantha Wills


Jewelry Spotlight: Lionette

This week I am sharing one of my favorite jewelry companies, Lionette. Noa Sadé, the designer is originally from Israel and never studied fashion or jewelry design. She started the company in 2009 with her best friend, Vanessa Lee.

The jewelry evokes the feelings that the name represents, a fierce woman who is empowered and unafraid, a lioness. The unique pieces are the perfect mix of metal and semi precious stones, all handmade in NYC.

What I love most about Lionette is the confidence the jewelry brings to the wearer. She is not afraid to stand out and can be whoever she wants to be. From there a lasting love affair with her jewelry is formed.

Below are my current top picks. Check out to see all the gorgeous pieces they have to offer.


1. Oren Earrings
2. Arie Bracelet
3. Chappaqua Necklace
4. Song Sisters Bracelet
5. Talia Necklace
6. Nadine Ring
7. Mosi Necklace
8. Bea Earrings

Jewelry Spotlight

Jewelry Spotlight: Wanderlust + Co

This week’s jewelry spotlight is Wanderlust + Co. The company was started in 2010 by Jennifer Low with the mindset of creating beautiful and affordable accessories without sacrificing quality. She continues to accomplish her goal as Wanderlust + Co. turns out new styles on a weekly basis for their worldwide fan base. The pieces are great additions to any jewelry collection and perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Here are my current top picks:


1. Navajo ID Antique Gold Necklace $45
2. Frame-Tri Crystal Rose Gold Ring $35
3. Spellbound Gold & Peach Necklace $49
4. Armour Crystal & Stud Silver Ring $35
5. Tri-Arrow Rose Gold Earrings $25
6. Art Deco & Floral Brass Cuff $49
7. Scallop Crystal Rose Gold Ring $35


Jewelry Spotlight: The 2 Bandits

This week’s jewelry spotlight is The 2 Bandits. The brand was started by Tamar Wider, who is both a certified gemologist (trained in Israel) and received a degree in jewelry design from my alma mater, FIT. Her jewelry has Southwestern and North American influences and is the perfect balance of vintage and boho with a western twist. According to the website, all materials are sourced locally in Cali as well as all manufacturing. There is something for everyone (at a variety of price points) and adds the perfect edge to any outfit.

Here are a few of my current top picks. What is your favorite?


1. Circle Game Choker
2. Floyd’s Horizon Cuff
3. Open Scarecrow Collar
4. Canoe Paddle Open Cuff
5. Two Step Pendant Necklace
6. Light Tower Earrings
7. Peakin Ring
8. Night Horizon Cuff
9. Floyd’s Ring
10. Morning Glory Necklace

Vanessa Mooney

Jewelry Spotlight: Vanessa Mooney

This weeks jewelry spotlight is Vanessa Mooney. Her jewelry is eclectic with just the right amount of boho, rock + roll love. I adore the mix of textures, metals and color. You can guarantee all pieces will be unique as well as versatile. Vanessa loves to travel and it is apparent in her designs that she is inspired from cultures around the world.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites but I can’t stop imagining the outfits I would create around these beautiful works of art. Check out to see more of her creations.


Vanessa Mooney

Jewelry Spotlight: BRVTVS

Jewelry Spotlight: BRVTVS

One of my favorite pastimes is scouring the internet for both current and upcoming jewelry designers. I have an ongoing list of top finds and this has inspired my new column “jewelry spotlight”.

There is so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered online. Every week I will feature a company that has caught my eye and share my current favorite pieces. When it comes to jewelry, I do not discriminate.

For my first spotlight I have chosen BRVTVS. The designer, Caroline Ventura creates jewelry that is dainty, timeless and perfect to wear every day. Each piece is handmade and you can feel the love and attention to detail as soon as you open the box.

I almost always keep this piece in my second ear (as seen in the picture on my previous post). Below you will find some of my top picks. Check out her designs and let me know what your favorites are!